We've been told we have to show up in the world in a certain way, but it turns out we get to decide(!!) Finding our own unique way can take quite a lot of (un)learning. For some that's finding our voice, learning to set boundaries, deepening relationships, taking a step toward a big scary goal. It's deciding the impact we want to have, right now - be it at work, at home, or in our community. Develop the presence, confidence, and skills to step into YOUR vision of who you want to be.

Group Trainings & Workshops

We offer customized, experiential group learning. Our workshops emphasize integration of skills and connection amongst participants, while bringing together leading thinking in leadership, organizational effectiveness, change management, applied behavioral science, neuroscience, and mindfulness. We also specialize in facilitation and circle group work that brings teams and the individuals within them to life.

& Personal

Coaching leads to transformation of your mindset and ways of being. We tap into your innate wisdom to set and achieve goals. You may be looking to get unstuck, gain clarity, interrupt old patterns, or learn new skills, and we help you do that with kindness, compassion, and just the right amount of moxy. 


Build effective organizations that get extraordinary results while promoting employee wellbeing. We work together to assess the health of your team, identify areas for improvement, and implement solutions that increase engagement, team health and performance, and your bottom line.


Our retreats combine daily workouts, nutritious food, personal and professional development, relaxation, and lots of laughter. ​A unique engagement of mind, body, spirit leave guests feeling grounded, energized, and (re)focused on your priorities.