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I'm committed to creating environments where people and organizations thrive.


I provide Leadership & Organization Development and Coaching to small businesses, startups, and teams experiencing rapid change. Together, we work to understand the needs of your organization and customize learning and development experiences to solve your business challenges. I'm known for bringing practical, relevant learning that can be implemented right away (not a bunch of fluff and pointless icebreakers), my ability to create safe spaces to learn, and my sense of humor.

I've worked with over 325 organizations in technology, small business, public sector, hospitality, and not-for-profit and hold a Masters in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Development. I am a Professional Co-Active Coach, a trained Executive Coach through Saybrook University, a ProSci Certified Change Management Practitioner, a Certified Centering Facilitator, and earned my B.S. in Nutrition with a Minor in Business.

I live with my husband, Matt, and sons, Sullivan and Cary, in Seattle, Washington. In my spare time you can find me out on adventures in the great Pacific Northwest, reading a book on my deck, or riding my ebike around town whooping and singing a little too loudly with my boys.




Impact, Focus Areas, Methods, Results


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Mark Jones, PhD, Sunyata Group

My work with leaders and organizations emphasizes creating extraordinary results through development of self, team health, and organizational systems and structures.


Leaders set the tone in any team or organization, and that starts with the work we do on the inside and then reflect to those around us. We create extraordinary results when we establish healthy leadership norms that support high performing individuals and teams.


These leadership norms enable people to be Productive -- Efficient (minimizing wasted efforts and resource) and Effective (working on the "right" things) -- as well as to continually Innovate by staying creative, fostering the diverse points of view and sense of belonging that allow for the best ideas to be generated through tension, and staying flexible yet focused through the change constant in organizational life. 


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Develop skills for effective leadership such as self-awareness, understanding impact, giving/receiving feedback, healthy conflict, communication, coaching, empathy, time management & more

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Enable high performing teams through effective decision-making, predictable patterns of communication, inclusion, opportunities to influence, and interdependence.

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Understand common patterns in organizations and act on the areas most likely to create the culture, engagement, efficiency, and effectiveness you want for your organization.

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Build capacity to lead change by understanding human responses to change as well as tools to effectively align people, sponsor initiatives, and ensure the right results.

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Create a work environment that fosters a sense of belonging for all. Build your knowledge and skills to lead with Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the forefront.


I work closely with clients using an action research framework. The process needn't be overbuilt or drawn out, but ensures we treat root challenges and get the right results.


First, I aim to Design the relationship and understand your company's unique culture, what's working, and where your pain points are.

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We will Assess your strengths and challenges by collecting data (through conversations, surveys, etc) to make sure we are designing the right outcomes.


Next, we Review what we've learned, I make recommendations and Adjust the Design based on your feedback, and collaborate to implement 

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solutions in the Act phase. 

My work is implemented through Facilitation, Individual and Group Coaching, Executive Team Development, Manager Development, and Training.

Along the way, we measure progress and revisit what's working and what we'd like to tweak so we stay on track and make the impact you want.







Team health

Executive Team



Cross-team work


Psychological safety


Healthy conflict




Missed deadlines

Conflict (non- productive)





The first step is a call or meeting so we can discuss your goals and see if working together is a good fit. You can schedule an initial 30 minute call with me using my easy online scheduling tool.

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